The "Remember Frigg - the gas field which became an industrial heritage" exhibition opened at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger on 3 March 2008 and will remain there for about a year.
A result of the Frigg Industrial Heritage documentation project, the show is based on that work. Exhibition designer SixSides has been the museum's partner in developing what has become a highly interesting tale of a whole gas field's life span.

The exhibition has been staged in the museum's area for temporary exhibits, with a "pipeline" binding the whole design together. Moving along this line takes visitors on a journey through Frigg's history.

Much space has also been devoted to explaining the way people lived on the field. Two large zones linked to the "pipeline" present daily life in the middle of the North Sea, both at work and at play. The final section covers today's activity on Frigg - removal of the installations.

The exhibition is being financed in its entirety by Total.
Kristin Øye Gjerde